Our Policies


As our institution and employees, we believe it is possible to produce construction steel without accidents, and we base all our efforts on this goal. In our work, we first adopt a human-centered approach and aim for all our employees to return to their families at the end of the day physically, mentally, and socially well-being.

To ensure a healthy and safe working environment, everyone is responsible for doing what is necessary within their areas of authority. Regardless of their position and duties, we aim for a safety culture where all employees can say, "Occupational Safety is my responsibility."

We understand the importance of the participation of all employees to create an Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) culture in the workplace and to demonstrate good OHS performance. In this context, we have implemented the "Akdemir Steel Suggestion Platform" to gather the opinions, ideas, and suggestions of our employees and thus manage every stage of the organization together with our employees from every level.

At Akdemir Steel, we see the improvement of our employees' health levels as a requirement for our production and productivity.

In this regard, we commit to:

  • Identify the occupational health and safety hazards arising from our organization's activities, to reduce these risks to acceptable levels, to keep them under control, and to ensure the participation and consultation of our employees while doing so,

  • Preserve all our employees and the environment we are in against potential risks of our business sector,

  • Comply with all legal regulations related to Occupational Health and Safety,

  • Ensure planned and timely maintenance to eliminate occupational health and safety risks associated with equipment use,

  • Identify the risks that may cause occupational accidents and diseases in the workplace, ensure the health, safety, and social welfare of employees, visitors, and subcontractors at every level, and reduce any potential future material and spiritual losses for themselves and their families,

  • Identify unsafe conditions and behaviors that may cause occupational accidents and diseases in the workplace and its attachments, identify potential accident risks by conducting an effective risk assessment, combat and eliminate dangers at their source,

  • Train our employees in the field of occupational health and safety and ensure that they have a good occupational health and safety culture,

  • Make Akdemir Steel an exemplary company in terms of occupational health and safety practices among the institutions, chambers of industry, and associations to which we are affiliated, and ensure the continuity of our Occupational Health and Safety Management System that is established and implemented as our OHS policy.