Our Policies


As Akdemir Çelik A.Ş., we aim to comply with the legal and customer requirements related to the Quality Management Systems we have created with our context, principles and values in the national and international markets in which we operate, to increase customer satisfaction, and to meet the needs and expectations of the relevant parties. 
  In accordance with this purpose;

  • We are committed to our Policy providing a framework for setting our goals, being announced, understood and implemented in our company and being open to the access of related parties and continuous,

  • To our policy reinforcing the strategic direction of ADÇ,

  • To our policy being appropriate for the purpose and context of ADÇ, including the environmental impacts, nature and scale of our products and services,

  • To increase our efficiency in these processes to competitive levels in line with the approach of continuous improvement of our management systems to increase quality performance,

  • To ensure an effective communication arrangement so that our employees and other stakeholders are aware of their Quality responsibilities,

  • To establish close ties with stakeholders to understand and control risks and opportunities, considering their expectations and their impact on the local economy,

  • To improve the responsibility awareness of our local community and other stakeholders,

  • To fulfill Social and Economic needs and Humanitarian rights, to complying with ethical work rules,

  • To be transparent with our stakeholders in our practices, increasing their awareness and implementing the Quality standard and Sustainability requirements with the participation of all our stakeholders,

  • And we are committed to acting within the framework of responsible supplier principles.