HR Policy

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  • The primary objective of ADC(Akdemir Çelik) is to recruit motivated and qualified people who are efficient, high-performing, and able to adapt to the corporate culture to realize strategic goals. The company caries out activities to seek, select and continue the employment of people with the qualifications the company needs in order to ensure continuity.

  • ADC believes that staff can be determined by business economy criteria and that honorable work is only possible with efficient work. The company makes sure that these criteria are understood by all the personnel.


  • ADC analyzes training needs. This analysis is accomplished by revealing the differences between the skills and behavior required by the job and the existing skills and behavior of the employee. Need for training is determined by comparing the current performance at the organizational level, the job level and the employee level with the expected performance. The comparison is done on organizational analysis, business analysis and personal analysis.

  • By determining the objectives according to the identified needs, the organs where the training activities will be carried out, the people who will participate in the training and the trainers, the training subjects, the place, the time and the duration of the training are determined.


  • Internship provides benefits such as getting acquainted with working conditions, learning jobs, undertaking professional responsibilities and developing the ability to adapt to work.

  • The first goal is for trained candidates to acquire certain theoretic knowledge. The candidates are given tasks in the scope of their field so they can apply what they have learned.

  • Different internship programs are applied to high school and university students.


  • ADC observes equal opportunity in promotions and assignments in the organization and appoints from within the company personnel to management positions as much as possible.

  • ADC provides personnel that have potential, the opportunity to advance with the career planning system.

  • Personnel performance assessments are done based on realization of goals and skills.

  • ADC keeps the document of job descriptions and performance standards for each position from the top to the lowest level and uses this system as a basis for personnel evaluation.